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New Job and new life

New Job and new life

Hello 2024

At the beginning of this year, during the Chinese lunar spring festival, I decided to change my job. There are a few reasons:

  • The company didn’t need me anymore.
  • Maybe I should get a more challenging job.
  • It’s maybe the time to take a rest and have some gap days.

After I left the company, my friends and I go to hang out, karaoke,play badminton, and dinner parties. I remember my friend Kelly was so worried that I won’t come back to Hangzhou anymore, because I was unhappy that days, and I told her that I will come back.

And then it’s the Spring festival, I came back to my hometown and had a very good time with my families and friends. They tried to cheer me up and worried about me even though I told them I was fine. After the holiday, almost every friend of mine started to work, and my mom didn’t say anything about the job, maybe because she thought that will make me unhappy.

For me, I was enjoying my gap time, I didn’t have a very good vacation after I graduated from school, so it’s precious for me. And for the income, I invested some stocks, funds. Making the investment became to the way to cover my daily expenses. And it did, the income can reach 4000 RMB at that month and it’s so helpful.

After a month, I got some interviews from different companies, and then I decided to join Alibaba, a very top internet technology company, also a very good chance to expand my views and skills. During the interviews, my boss(the interviewer) told me his plan for the team, and let me want to join and work together, I think he is a different boss, comparing with some other Chinese technology leaders, he knows what are the important things and doesn’t give up learning. And for an engineer leader, it’s necessary.

Alibaba was known as it’s intense work time at some old days, and after I joined, I found it had been changed, not that overbearing. It’s a good change, because people can overbear the job by over-paid money, but if the market economy is not good, then no over-paid, no more overbearing.

I get my employment confirmation at Alibaba recently, feel both nervous and relaxed. I don’t know if someone else will worry about the future as I do. It’s a very not good inertial thinking, I also want to be a cool man~

And I am learning something these days:

  • Sometimes you should forget the experience when doing the new project.
  • Some project is hard, not at the work part, it’s the thinking part.
  • You should know your confusions, and don’t worry.
  • People can not express them all, so be patient.

How you action is the decisive factor, if your job is hard to finish, that means you are in the right way to make progress, and you can learn by yourself, or ask for help, just don’t stick in your loops. The most important thing is that focus on present, and make things better.

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